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Six Days in Iceland!

Six Days in Iceland!

Iceland is a country that looks like it is out of fantasy film. The magical landscapes made me feel as though I was in the Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones the entire time. I believe I said the word "WOWWWW" with a gaping open mouth over a thousand times. (Ironic one of the main Iceland airlines is called WOW Air) 

From massive green mountains to huge glaciers and waterfalls around every corner, Iceland is a dream for anyone that loves nature and the outdoors. I visited Iceland in June, middle of summer where it stays light out 24 hours a day. I had five days of exploring and wish I had longer, but my trip was cut short. I know I will go back in winter time in order to see the Northern Lights and check out the Western Fjords. 

Day 1: Reykjavik

- Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland where 2/3's of Iceland's population resides. It is a city full of pubs,  restaurants, shops and many tourists. Below were some of my favorites.

  • Laundromat Cafe
  • Bar Ananas
  • Svarta Kaffio
  • Eldsmiojan
  • Big Lebowski Bar
  • Bjarni Fel
  • Hressingarskalinn

Day 2: Golden Circle - Normally this tour takes 4-5 hours depending on how long you stop at each place. This is the most popular tourist attraction in Iceland so do be prepared for the seas of people if you visit in the summer season. We added the Secret Lagoon to the circle for a bit of relaxation at the end of the day. It took us a total of 12 hours to do everything, but we enjoyed some beers and pizza before heading home. 

  •  Thingvellir & Oxarafoss waterfall - Small walks up to a few select viewpoints & a beautiful waterfall.
  • Geysir - There she blows, pretty cool spot. 
  • Gulfoss Waterfall - Absolutely breathtaking!
  • Secret Lagoon - Lovely place to relax at the end of the day! $28 entry fee. 

Day 3: A Day of Chasing Waterfalls

  • Blue Lagoon - Expensive tourist trap
  • Seljalandsfoss - A MUST SEE!
  • Skogafoss - YOU HAVE TO GO!
  • Solheimasqndur airplane wreck - Meh it was okay. 

Day 4: Skaftafell & Hofn

  • Skaftafell - A hike up to a few waterfalls and viewpoints. Beautiful sites!
  • Glacier Lagoon - A MUST SEE!
  • Diamond Beach - Beautiful spot right across the road from Glacier Lagoon.
  • Hofn - Lobster soup at Kaffi Hornio
  • Fjoragljufur - A beautiful place to see. 

Day 5: Vik

  • Vik Black Sand Beach - Cave & Basalt Column Beach
  • Vik Lighthouse and Arch
  • Secret Ravine

Day 6: Hveragerdi

  • Reykjadalur - 3.5km hike up into a beautiful valley ending with a hot spring creek to float and enjoy the warm warm. Bring water & snacks if you plan to stay up there for a while!

This is an action packed itinerary so be sure to get enough sleep and drink a lot of water, wear your sunscreen and bring lots of snacks. Iceland is a dream come true... I hope you enjoy!

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