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Travel Tips for Nepal

Travel Tips for Nepal

Nepal is a very special country. The people and differentiation between the towns and villages are quite spectacular. There are a few things to keep in mind as you prepare for your trip to Nepal. 

- You can get a visa on arrival easily. Bring cash with you and pay at the airport. A thirty day visa is $40.  

- Embrace the culture! The locals make this country incredibly special. Be kind and engage in conversation when they ask you questions. They are very curious individuals. 


- "Namaste" means hello 

- "Dhanyabad" pronounced "don neigh bot" means "thank you"

- Out of respect for the Nepalese culture cover your shoulders and knees. This also limits the amount of people who stare at you. 


- Buy your trekking gear here! It's much cheaper to buy it in Kathmandu than anywhere in the states including on amazon.com. Give yourself an extra day or two to shop around Thamel and the local markets to gather all the necessary items. You can also buy stuff along the trail if you forget something! You need a down jacket and sleeping bag if you are trekking because it gets cold at night.


- Carry on your snacks if you plan to bring them on the plane. My nut bars and trail mix got stolen out of my bag during transit, if you want to ensure the safety of your snacks carry them on with you.  

- Less is more. Pack as little as possible. There is so much shopping and cool things to buy if you find yourself in need of something.  


- Bring a scarf or mask to cover your face in the busy cities. It's very dusty!

- Book AirBnb's and hotels on agoda.com in advance. I highly recommend taking advantage of the airport pickup service offered by your hosts it will generally be cheaper than getting a taxi from the airport. $7 into Thamel from airport. 


- Book buses in advance. There are limited buses to certain destinations in Nepal, it's important to book at least 4-7 days in advance. Don't be surprised if someone chooses to sit on your lap instead of in empty seats next to you.

- Don't be afraid to barter. There is no such thing as fixed prices. 


-  Give away or donate your warm trekking gear to families in need. There is a lot of flooding going on in Southeast Asia right now and many families struggle to find warm clothing during the winter months. There are many places that take donations in Nepal. Give back!

- Bring hydrolized salts, anti diarrhea tablets and a first aid kit. 


- Buy water purification tablets in Nepal (10 for 50 Rupiah/50 cents). You need one tablet per liter of water. 

- Take altitude sickness pills if you plan on trekking. You can get them very cheap at pharmacies in Nepal (150 Rupiah/$1.50 for ten tablets). Take half in the morning and half a night. Start the night before you plan to leave on your trek. Trust me on this one. 

- Be cautious of all of the stray dogs and the monkeys.  They do get aggressive if you make eye contact.


- Don't forget your bug spray!  

- Bring enough cash with you on your trek. There are a bunch of money exchange desks, but only a couple ATM's and most times they are out of money. 

- Don't forget your sunscreen!

- Spin the prayer wheels with your right hand only!  


- Local buses are much cheaper and the experience is something to write home about. Don't be afraid to jump on one of the colorful buses for a long terrifying journey along the side of the cliffs.  

- Don't expect paved roads.  

- Eat only with your right hand! Say no to silverware and do as the locals do. Use your right hand to eat, drink and shake hands.


- Enjoy the many flavors of dhal bat and momo's (pot stickers). These two traditional Nepalese dishes are full of flavor. You can choose your filling for the momos and no two dhal bats are the same!  

- Take advatage of the Nepal Strong Beer. 7% alcohol and delicious!  


- Many places will allow you to store your things while you trek. Remember less is more. After 8 hours of trekking per day you'll be happy you stored half of your belongings back in Pokhara or Kathmandu.  

- Bring tissue or toilet paper with you if you don't want to adapt the norm of wiping with your hand or using the bum gun. 


- Be weary of the meat you eat. It's best to stick with vegetarian cuisine in Nepal. The paneer cheese dishes are delicious. 

- Take advantage of the cheap street food. Try a samosa!  

Meet and talk to as many people as possible. Embrace the photos locals want to take with you! This country is full of beautiful souls and spectacular views. Enjoy this amazing country!  

Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal

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